Our Approach

Kuvuna Foundation Leadership Institute
Kuvuna Foundation Leadership Institute

At the Kuvuna Foundation we believe that the future of our country and communities lies in the hands of our youth. In order to create change, we must empower the youth of our nation to become leaders and entrepreneurs in their communities. Listed below are our three primary areas of impact and their associated programs.

Kuvuna Foundation Leadership Institute

Over the years, the Kuvuna Foundation Leadership Institute has mentored, equipped, empowered, and trained over 2,000 youth at leadership camps, training workshops, educational events and conferences.

– Youth Leadership Camps

Held in July and December, Youth Leadership Camps are week long opportunities to be Mentored,  Equipped, Empowered, and Trained from selected community and worldwide leaders.  Youth are  inspired to dream big , embrace innovation , creativity, entrepreneurship, and to increase their community involvement for sustainable local development.

– Youth Leadership Days

A day of action. Once or twice a month, Youths come together to assess Community needs and come up with an action plan in support of the Millennium Development Goals. Youths may be invited to attend a local or international conference.

– Breakfast Book Club

Every last Saturday of the month, youths come together to learn from books and their peers, and increase their reading abilities while enjoying the company of group members.

Youth Leadership Center

YLC’s vision is to add value in the lives of Congolese by offering new educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities that fight against mental poverty for a better development. The YLC provides youth with an access to computers, the Internet, and other training programs. It is also used for meetings, conferences and cultural events. Our activities at the Youth Leadership Center include English language development, computer literacy, and mentorship and tutoring services for our youth.

– English

While an increasingly global economy requires individuals that are proficient in the English language, young people in Kinshasa find it difficult to find affordable and effective English training that prepares them for the workplace. The lack of textbooks and written material in schools compounds the problem, but we encourage our youth to develop their English language skills through reading at our center and by engaging in regular English conversations.

– Computer literacy

Technological competence is a standard skill that is of utmost importance to those searching for work or looking to become the most proficient employee they can be. Our center focuses on acquiring computers and technological equipment that our youth can use to develop their skills and become more comfortable in an increasingly tech-savvy world.

– Mentorship and Tutoring

While the Kuvuna Foundation has an encompassing vision for community development, we believe that at the heart of every social movement there are relationships that determine the success of those involved. We focus on developing relationships with every youth that is involved in our center, and recognize that small group and individual mentorship is often the most effective form of development work that we can do. We are always excited to reach out and connect our youth with others in the community that are interested in mentoring or tutoring a youth in their free time. Please contact us if you are interested!

Center for Community Development

The Center for Community Development’s goal is to create, establish, encourage and support development projects to strengthen youth capabilities for a sustainable development. At CCD, youth are encouraged to embrace Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.  Develop a partnership with companies, government, community, and other institutions to encourage youth initiatives through a corporate social responsibility strategy by tapping and promoting local talents to spur sustainable development. We promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in order to help our students recognize their ideas and develop a plan to improve their situation.

– Innovation

– Creativity

– Entrepreneurship

Kuvuna Field Partners

In an effort to model the importance of collaboration and cooperation with other projects, we have partnered with several organizations that support us in our mission:

– Synapse Center (www.synapsecenter.org)

– Congo Leadership Initiative, USA (http://congoleaders.org)

– Congo Leadership Initiative, DRC