“I am very encouraged by the work that the Kuvuna Foundation is doing in the Kinshasa area.  There is a desperate need to raise up a generation of leaders that are socially and morally responsible, and the Kuvuna Foundation addresses these needs in a holistic way that enables these youth to make a real difference in their world.”

– Andrew P. McAllister, MPH (Teacher, Community Activist)


“A great initiative that needs to be supported in all kinds of ways, and why not replicated across the continent?  I had the opportunity to talk to the youth, what a great experience!”

– Yvon Edoumou (UN Worker)


“My son had a breakthrough in his leadership character, which resulted in a leading position at his school.”

– Phillip Mumba (Father of Kuvuna Foundation Youth Member)


“Through the Kuvuna Foundation Leadership Institute, I have met leaders from around the world.  Thank you for this wonderful program!”

– Glady Luzolo (Kuvuna Foundation Youth Member)

“I think the Kuvuna Foundation is doing great work in Kinshasa, and I look forward to watching their organization expand their reach as they continue to mentor and equip youth in a way that prepares them for success.”

– Rivers Woodward (MD, MBA Candidate)